Mens House

Young adults need structure and support. Summer House Sober Living uses a ‘coaching model’ to help our young male clients, which we provide through our unique case management system. It is the case manager’s role to help secure employment for our clients, and to provide counseling and mentorship. Case managers meet individually with our clients twice per week. In addition, each of our clients is fully enrolled in a trusted, nearby day treatment or intensive outpatient program. Eventually, each client graduates to the evening outpatient tract, freeing up their days for their new jobs or schooling. If clients aren’t working or in school, they are volunteering full-time.

We specialize in ‘launching’ our young male clients back into the work force, sometimes into their very first real jobs.  Other young men may be interested in starting a college career, or getting back into school so they can complete their degrees. We provide the perfect environment and strong support for this ‘launch,’ in the form of frequent, direct mentorship by our staff of case managers, who are certified drug and alcohol counselors.

This modest beach house, which features a breathtaking 180-degree ocean view, is located on seven acres of land.  The property also houses a non-profit ranch called Big Heart Ranch, where our clients are welcome to volunteer.  They can also roll up their sleeves and get their hands dirty on the Big Heart Ranch farm, an on-site organic farm co-operative project spearheaded by our clients.  The house is walking-distance from the Trancas Country Market Shopping Center, with the Vintage Market, Starbucks and other cafes, Broad Beach, Zuma Beach, and endless hiking trails.