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Professionals House

Our ‘professionals sober living house’ is co-ed, and is meant for our more mature, adult clients.  This way, our clients are able to live amongst their own peer group, and therefore, are able to relate better with their house-mates than if they were to live in another sober living residence.  We have found that this feeling of camaraderie and community — where the people who you live with know exactly what you are going through, because they are going through it, too — creates the basis very powerful collective healing experience.  Mature adults are going to experience different challenges, ‘stages of life’ issues,  than our young adult clients.  We have different needs at different stages of our life.  So we know it is important to make distinctions, and keep separation, between these members of our population.  We also know how important discretion and privacy is with our professional clients.

Our adult clients also often have the means to enjoy a greater degree of comfort than our younger clients, and this sober living reflects that fact.  The ‘professionals sober living’ is a Tuscan estate is nestled on a very private acre, with gorgeous mature trees, lush landscaping and terraced outdoor gathering areas. Clients gather in the warm, spacious chef’s kitchen, and enjoy included chef-prepared meals in one and another’s company. Our ‘professionals house’ is Malibu indoor-outdoor living at its best, with infinity pool & spa, outdoor kitchen, and a lighted basketball court. Close to the beach, hiking trails, parks, and shopping areas, located in one of Malibu’s most desirable gated communities, this exquisite resort-like property offers a beautiful, private retreat.