Womens House

Our female case managers use mentorship and coaching to support and inspire our female clients to grow and develop into the strong, healthy women they deserve to be. Highly experienced counselors and certified recovery workers manage our female transitional house, and serve as role models and coaches to our female clients.

Women’s groups are held, and are meant as a safe place to check in with one another, offer each other support, and accept the guidance of women who have succeeded in achieving long-term recovery, themselves. Our clients will participate in programming at a nearby, trusted outpatient center together, or perhaps go to work or school, then return home to spend time with one another and relax.

Looking over the Pacific Ocean in scenic Malibu, California our women’s house provides unparalleled, breath-taking views. Along with the beautiful property, we provide several amenities including flat screen TV’s, an optional private room, private bathrooms, healthy food options and access to beaches.