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At Summer House Sober Living Homes in Los Angeles and Malibu, California, our mission is to provide our clients with the highest quality and safest, structured transitional living environment possible.

Summer House offers a luxury transitional setting integrated with an outpatient addiction recovery program where each person can best focus on his or her healing, while learning to flourish and thrive in their relationship with others.

We believe that getting sober, and especially staying sober, needs to be completely voluntary, and that no one should be forced into recovery. It is not our goal or intention to tell anyone how to live their life.

By operating from this philosophy, we are able to allow our clients to maintain their dignity and respect throughout the recovery process.

Summer House Sober Living embraces our Compassionate Care Model® of addiction treatment that we developed after 10+ years of helping others successfully recover from drug and alcohol dependence.

Summer House Sober Living Housing Options

Summer House offers two separate transitional sober living houses for our clients to choose from, each with its own unique character.

The Carmel House is located near the beach in beautiful Malibu, California and is ideal for those who want to be near the west side.

Our Manzanita House offers a convenient location in Silver Lake that is central to the Los Angeles area and provides in-house IOP outpatient treatment services.

Both of these sober living housing residences are excellent options for individuals who have completed an inpatient rehab addiction treatment program and require a safe, comfortable, and structured atmosphere to continue working on their recovery.

All of our sober living clients participate in recovery programs either within the house or at a nearby, trusted outpatient treatment facility. Each client is able to go to work or attend school during the day or evening, and then return to his or her Summer House location to spend time with other residents and unwind as a community.

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